Rams willing to trade out of the top spot?

With the first round of the NFL draft only two days away now, rumors about the No. 1 overall pick are starting to swirl. NBC Sports reports that the Rams are willing to trade out of the top spot for much less than the NFL’s draft trade chart would require.

While it’s outdated, the draft trade chart suggests that the first pick in Round 1 is worth 3,000 points. So for example, if a team such as the Browns (who have the seventh overall pick) wanted to move up to the top spot, they would have to be willing to give up their first round pick (1,500 points) and three second rounders (worth 510 points apiece). But again, the chart is outdated and the Rams said they would be willing to accept less, so maybe they’d agree to the Browns’ first round pick and one second rounder. (Plus, what team would really give up their first round selection and three second rounders to move up? It’s unrealistic.)

The more likely scenario is that the Rams will stay put and draft Sam Bradford at No. 1. It’s extremely hard to trade out of the top spot and even though they could target Jimmy Clausen later in the first round, finding a trade partner for the top pick is difficult. Plus, the Rams need a quarterback no matter what. Do they have Bradford and Clausen rated similarly? Because if they don’t, they’re not going to trade down in hopes of landing Clausen when they had a much higher grade on Bradford. The same can be said for Colt McCoy, Tim Tebow, Tony Pike and any other quarterback that would be available in the middle rounds.

If Bradford is rated first on their board, then they might as well take him at No. 1.

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