MJ advocating the ‘Hack-a-Dwight’?

It sure sounds like Bobcats owner Michael Jordan wants to limit the effectiveness of Dwight Howard by putting him on the foul line. In an excerpt from an interview to air on Sunday on NBA TV, MJ outlines what would be his strategy:

“So if I’m looking at (Dwight) Howard, and I’m not Larry Brown, I haven’t talked to Larry Brown about the strategy, I would look at it in that scenario; we’ve got four seven footers, in essence we have 24 fouls. Somehow we are going to have to use that to neutralize (Dwight) Howard and not allow these other guys, their perimeter players, to hurt us in the double teams, kind of like Nick Anderson and Dennis Scott back in the day. That would be the strategy, and I feel like if we can execute that strategy we will give ourselves the best chance to win.”

Anytime someone starts talking about how many fouls their big men have, it’s bound to get ugly. Given Howard’s propensity to miss free throws, this is certainly a viable strategy, but it’s not one I want to watch in action.

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