Is the Yankees’ outfield in trouble?

Although they inked traded for the young, talented Curtis Granderson to a five-year deal over the offseason, the Yankees’ outfield situation looks shakier upon further examination. Ken Rosenthal, for one, thinks the team may need to start shopping for another outfielder.

On the eve of the season opener, some in the industry already are wondering how long the Yankees would tolerate sub-par production from outfielders Randy Winn and Marcus Thames.

The Yankees’ starting left fielder, Brett Gardner, is not yet established as a major-league hitter. An injury to center fielder Curtis Granderson or right fielder Nick Swisher would leave the Yankees further exposed.

Neither Winn, a switch-hitter, nor Thames, a right-handed hitter, had a good spring. Winn, 35, had a batting/on-base/slugging line of .224/.255/.265. Thames, 33, was even worse, hitting .135/.182/.269. Both had about 50 at-bats.

If you’re a Yankee fan, this must be a bit scary, as Winn’s best days are far behind him and Marcus James Thames is rarely impressive at the plate. Although the Yankees are only spending $2 million total on these bench players, I wonder if letting go of Melky Cabrera was the right idea.

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