Seahawks’ to pass on trading for Marshall?’s John Czarnecki writes that there’s no way that Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll will part with the sixth overall pick for Brandon Marshall.

Remember when Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall flew to Seattle once free agency began? Well, the Seahawks checked him out, but still haven’t made an offer. Yes, Marshall is available, but the asking price is steep. At minimum a first-round draft choice and there’s no way that Pete Carroll is parting with the sixth overall pick for a disgruntled receiver who really can’t stretch the field. The Seahawks already have enough of those types of receivers: overpaid route runners!

Is it just me or does Czarnecki’s reports usually leave a little something to be desired? He has the access to provide good information but the follow through usually comes up short. It’s almost like he fails to look at all the information before formulating his opinions.

Even though the Seahawks brought Marshall in for a visit a couple weeks ago, it makes no sense for them to put together an offer sheet when no other team has shown interest yet. Why would they compete against themselves in a trade like that? Plus, Czarnecki fails to mention that Seattle also has the 14th overall pick, which allows them to keep their selection at No. 6 and still attempt to work out a trade for Marshall. If they could get another team involved, the Seahawks could trade the No. 14 selection for a later first round pick, get more compensation (whether it be another second or third rounder) and then trade whatever first round pick they acquire from the third team to Denver for Marshall.

So while I agree with the sentiment that Carroll won’t give up the No. 6 overall pick for Marshall, he could still do a lot with No. 14.

Lastly, I wouldn’t call Marshall a true speedster but he can certainly stretch the field. I think what Czarnecki is confused about is the fact that Marshall isn’t explosive off the ball, which gives people the impression that he’s not a true deep threat. But he has more than enough speed and once he gets into full stride, his long legs allow him to create separation from defensive backs. So to insinuate that Marshall would just be another “overpaid route runner” is absolutely ridiculous.

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