Chargers’ Vincent Jackson to serve jail time after pleading guilty to DUI charge

Chargers’ receiver Vincent Jackson will serve at least 96 hours in jail after pleading guilty to a DUI charge on Tuesday.

From 10 News San Diego:

According to the city attorney’s office, Jackson was given the standard sentence for a DUI with one prior — five years probation, with 96 hours in custody.

Additionally, Jackson will have to attend a Mothers Against Drunk Driving class, pay a $2,408 fine and participate in a multiple conviction program, the city attorney’s office said.

Seeing as how Jackson was also charged in January for driving without a valid license, there’s a good chance that the NFL will suspend him for at least a game in 2010. That’s just speculation on my part, however.

Jackson is currently a restricted free agent and given how productive he was last season, he could garner some attention from other teams this offseason. As far as pass catching is considered, Jackson was a top 5 wideout in 2009 and he’s not a bad blocker either, thus nobody should be surprised if another team makes a play on him when free agency kicks off in March.

That said, most teams account for character when deciding whether or not to pursue a free agent and given Jackson’s recent off field track record, chances are the Chargers won’t have much trouble retaining his services.

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