Now fans can pay extra to see Cubs lose

The Cubs finished five games above .500 last year, so it makes sense that the organization would charge it’s long-suffering fan base 20 to 15 percent extra to buy tickets for the 2010 season early.

From the New York Times:

But the Cubs are adding a twist this year. On Monday, fans will be able to buy tickets to every Cubs home game, but at a premium of 20 percent over the face value, or 15 percent if they pay with a MasterCard. The MasterCard First Chance Presale will last until Thursday and include an undisclosed percentage of the pool of the Cubs’ single-game tickets.

“We believe there are fans who will pay extra, just like they’ll pay for a Fast Pass at the amusement park,” said Wally Hayward, the Cubs’ chief marketing officer. He said he was unaware of another team that holds a similar sale. “There’s a tremendous demand for Cubs tickets, especially from people coming from out of town, when there are games you must have.”

It’s a good business move for the Cubs and it makes sense from a profitability standpoint. But considering the state of the economy, it would be nice if teams lowered the prices of their tickets instead of backing their fans into a corner and forcing them to pay more for games they really want to see. And when it comes to the Cubs, there’s a good possibility that the product on the field won’t be that good again next year so why should fans have to pay more?

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