Marshall suddenly changing his tune

In a surprise reversal of attitude, Broncos’ receiver Brandon Marshall admitted to the Denver Post that he was unprofessional last season in his actions.

“Learning from last year and last offseason, I approached things unprofessional,” Marshall said today at the Super Bowl XLIV media center. “This offseason I’m just going to go with the flow and just go in whatever direction the Broncos want to go.”

Marshall was an unhappy Bronco last year when he protested his contract situation by holding out from a mandatory minicamp in June and acting up during a preseason practice in August. He put his issues behind him to make 101 catches through 15 games, but he found more trouble in the season’s final week.

When he tweaked his hamstring in a Wednesday practice, and showed up 20 minutes late for treatment on Friday morning, Marshall was deactivated from the final game against Kansas City.

Is Marshall now having second thoughts about leaving the Broncos?

“I don’t know if I would call it, second thoughts,” Marshall said. “Last year I handled things totally wrong. I just looked at the business side of things and took things too personally. This year I’m going to remove myself from the situation and let the Broncos decide the direction we’re going to go in as an organization.”

There’s a possibility that Marshall has seen the error of his ways and is taking the necessary steps in order to turn around his attitude and look at things more realistically. But chances are, somebody (his agent?) got to him and told him that he needs to toe the company line until the Broncos trade him, or else he’ll never gets what he wants, which is a new contract.

The problem is that no matter how pleasant Marshall seems in interviews this offseason, teams are already well aware of the risk they’ll take if they try and acquire him. His track record speaks for itself and considering that his attitude soured last year as soon as the Broncos started losing, I don’t think teams will be fooled by the new, contrite Brandon Marshall.

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