2010 NFL Draft Player Profile: Tim Tebow, QB, Florida

One of the most talked about prospects heading into April’s NFL draft will be Florida quarterback Tim Tebow. Perhaps one of the best college football players of this decade, Tebow now has the task of trying to convince pro scouts that he can make the transition from the collegiate ranks to the NFL.

Some believe that Tebow is better suited for the H-back position or out of the Wildcat at the next level, and not at quarterback. Although he wants the chance to prove that he can be a drop back passer, Tebow may have to settle for being a versatile specialty piece in some team’s offense.

Strengths: Tebow is a football player. He has excellent strength, size and bulk, is a powerful runner, a hard worker and is as tough as they come. He’s an outstanding leader, is smart, and played against top competition at Florida. His arm is also strong enough to make all the throws and he can throw on the run. Because of his character and determination, he’s a low risk player if some team can find a spot for him in their offense.

Weaknesses: He’s never played in an offense that requires the quarterback to take the ball from under center. He has a wind-up motion and his delivery is slow and elongated. He’s not accurate, demonstrates poor footwork and has trouble throwing a tight spiral. He’s also never had to read a defense or coverages and his learning curve will be incredibly high. In essence, he’s a major project at the quarterback position and that’s why most NFL teams will look to move him to another position.

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