Tebow struggling during Senior Bowl week

According to several media sources including NFL Network’s Lindsay Soto, Florida quarterback Tim Tebow has struggled thus far at the Senior Bowl. On Monday, he botched several snaps on his first day of practice and also threw a couple of near interceptions as the day wrapped up.

One reason for his struggles could be because he’s sick. The St. Louis Post-Distpatch reports that Tebow was hospitalized on Monday with a 103 temperature due to strep throat. Tebow is still expected to play in the game on Saturday, but the illness may sideline him for the rest of the week.

Sick or not, this isn’t a good start for a player with so much to prove heading into April. Tebow wants to play quarterback at the next level, but in order to do so he must prove to scouts that he can play from under center, release the ball in a timely manner and demonstrate proper footwork when throwing. But his wind-up motion, release, footwork and ability to grasp a pro style offense are just a handful of question marks surrounding Tebow as he tries to make the transition from college to pro.

That said, some team will take a flier on him in the middle rounds because of his versatility. He resembles a Mac truck when he runs the football and he would be a great fit for the Wildcat. Some teams even see him as a potential tight end, although he didn’t catch any passes at Florida.

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