Salisbury admits to taking photo of his junk

Former NFL clipboard holder and horrendous ESPN analyst Sean Salisbury recently admitted to taking photos of his private parts and sending them to people, which he believes was his undoing at “The Worldwide Leader.”

From the USA Today:

“I was ashamed, and I didn’t want to say anything,” says Salisbury, who was an NFL quarterback for eight years and an ESPN NFL analyst for 12. “I thought it would go away and let my ego get in the way. Since then, I’ve beat myself up about it more than 10 baseball bats could. A stupid mistake can cost you, and this has really cost me. I should have been having this conversation a long time ago.”

“It was stupid —dumb!— but not malicious,” he says. “How can it ruin a good career? … I’ve gone from being on six days a week to disappearing. And it’s not like I wanted to disappear. … But it feels good getting it off my chest.”

This is just one man’s opinion, but I don’t think the cell phone photos did his career in – I think it was his talent (or lack thereof). He and Mark Schlereth formed a duo that mastered the art of saying as much as possible without really saying anything at all. Whenever they gave their opinion, I was reminded of that old SNL Monday Night Football skit when Will Ferrell impersonated Dan Fouts and just said obvious things throughout the sketch.

Al Michaels: Dan, it seems to me that the Buccaneers and the Vikings are serious Super Bowl favorites.

Dan Fouts: That’s right, Al. Tampa Bay is an excellent, excellent football team. But the Vikings have a great football team too. Al, my prediction is that whoever puts the most points on the scoreboard will probably win tonight’s football game.

Al Michaels: Dan, quarterback Shaun King, your take.

Dan Fouts: Al, Shaun King knows how to throw the football. Okay, and a quarterback is able to take that football up into the air into the hands of the receiver as he’s running down the field, really that’ll help this team score a touchdown, and that’s what this game’s all about.

I think I speak for all of us when I say that we can do without Salisbury’s take on things, and we can do even less without cell phone shots of his junk floating around the web.

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