2010 NFL Playoffs Fan Battle: Ravens vs. Colts Preview

To get you ready for the Ravens-Colts’ Divisional Round battle in Indy this Saturday, here’s a preview of the game via a mock dialogue between two fans.

Colts Fan: If you think the Colts are going to be as disinterested in playing the Ravens as the Patriots were last week, then you’re delusional.

Ravens Fan: Oh, I see – the Patriots lost, but the Ravens didn’t win. Do I have that right? Face it, the better team won last weekend in Foxboro. We came prepared to play and they couldn’t match our intensity. And if I were you, I’d be highly concerned that the Colts haven’t played in three weeks.

Colt Fan: No, the starters haven’t played in three weeks – there’s a difference. But Peyton Manning, ahem, the MVP this year, will be ready to go as always. And if anyone should be concerned, it should be Baltimore’s pass defense.

Raven Fan: Have you even been watching lately? The Ravens are tied for eighth in passing yards allowed per game with 207.3. Our total defense ranks third in the NFL and we’re allowing just 16.3 points per game. Plus, we almost beat you in the regular season.

Colt Fan: There’s no prize for “almost,” my friend. Plus, that game was in Baltimore; now you have to travel to Indy this time. Had Jim Caldwell not pulled the starters in the second half against the Jets, we would have easily gone undefeated at home this season.

Raven Fan: Now who’s talking about whoulda, coulda, shouldas? Speaking of Caldwell pulling the starters, that same philosophy has hurt the Colts in the past. Bill Polian insists that momentum means nothing for teams heading into the playoffs but he must be trying to block out all the times that his team has choked after resting starters before.

Colt Fan: You’re not facing a depleted Patriots team without Wes Welker. You’re facing a well-rested Colts team with the likes of Manning, Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Austin Collie and Pierre Garcon. Fabian Washington is out for you guys and I don’t care what the numbers say – you’re going to have a hard time slowing Indy’s offense down this weekend.

Raven Fan: Not once Ray Rice gets going. The Colts’ run defense finished 24th this season and Rice proved last week that he can take over a game on the ground. Once we establish the run, we can milk the clock and keep Manning on the sidelines.

Colt Fan: We held you to 98 yards and 3.2 yards per carry in our first meeting, so I’m not concerned. And besides, once we load up to stop the run, Joe Flacco can’t beat us with his arm.

Raven Fan: What?! He threw for 21 touchdowns and 3,613 yards this season with Derrick Mason as his No. 1 wideout. He can beat teams with his arm.

Colt Fan: Four for 10, 34 yards, one interception, 10.0 QB rating: That was Flacco’s stat line last week.

Raven Fan: Well, why put the ball in the air when you’re running the ball at will? Doesn’t make much sense.

Colt Fan: You don’t make much sense.

Raven Fan: Whatever – Ray Lewis is going to have Peyton Manning looking out his ear hole on Saturday.

Colt Fan: It’ll be hard to do that when he won’t even come close enough to sniff what kind of cologne Manning has on.

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