Spurs dangled Tony Parker for Chris Paul?

The NBA rumor mill is in full effect and one of the more interesting tidbits I saw this fine Monday morning was that, via Hoopsworld, “league sources” are saying that the Spurs offered up Tony Parker in a bid to get Chris Paul.

The offer was immediately turned away by the Hornets.

However it is interesting to hear San Antonio would consider parting with Parker, but if it returned Chris Paul the move is easy to justify. Parker has one more season remaining on his deal worth $13.6 million and could be one of the top free agent guards in the summer of 2011.

First of all, any rumors that come from “league sources” need to be taken with a grain of salt. If true, it is interesting that the Spurs would be willing to part ways with Parker, but I think even he would understand the upside of the Spurs landing Chris Paul.

The deal wouldn’t make any sense for the Hornets as the two players’ salaries are about the same. Paul is signed through the 2011-12 season, one year longer than Parker. The downgrade wouldn’t be worth it for New Orleans.

The Hornets need to weather the storm and try to hold onto Paul. If they were ever to trade him, it should be during (or just before) the 2011-12 season. The Hornets are in a tough financial situation, but it’s of their own doing. The moves for Peja Stojakovic, Morris Peterson and James Posey simply haven’t resulted in the kind of winning the franchise was expecting. Then they traded away Tyson Chandler (whose deal expires in 2011) for Emeka Okafor (whose deal runs through 2014). This is a curious move for a team that is supposedly cash-strapped. I don’t mind the trade from a pure basketball standpoint, but fiscally it doesn’t make a lot of long term sense.

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