Will McNabb be back in Philly in 2010?

Following their embarrassing playoff loss on Saturday to the Cowboys, questions have been raised about whether or not Donovan McNabb will be back under center for the Eagles in 2010.

His head coach thinks so (via beat writer Sheil Kapadia’s Twitter page):

“Yeah, I do” — Reid when asked if he expects Donovan McNabb to be his quarterback next year.

“Would I like to extend and be here? Yes. Absolutely.” when asked about playing next year as the final year of his contract.

While almost every Eagle played like crap yesterday, the loss to the Cowboys can’t solely be pinned on McNabb. He had no time to throw because Dallas’ pass-rush was in the backfield on damn near every snap. Had his offensive line did a better job in pass protection, then maybe the score would have been closer. Then again, maybe it wouldn’t have been. Philly’s defense deserves plenty of the blame for the debacle yesterday, so when it all comes down to it everyone wearing midnight green is at fault for what transpired in Dallas.

Assuming Tom Heckert leaves for Cleveland’s front office, the Eagles’ next GM is going to have a decision on his hands. In terms of getting to a Super Bowl, the combination of Reid and McNabb isn’t working. But will they keep their jobs based on the fact that they can reach the postseason on a regular basis?

There are plenty of head coach-quarterback combinations that would love to reach the playoffs as much as Reid and McNabb do. But it’s the same ol’ song and dance for Philly: They always make it to the party, but they leave awfully early.

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