Screenshots of Patrick Peterson’s interception

My esteemed colleague Anthony Stalter did a nice job of covering the immediate aftermath of the Alabama/LSU game, but I wanted to provide a few screenshots of Patrick Peterson’s interception that was ruled incomplete, even after replay.

I watched the game as an objective observer — I didn’t really care who won, and still don’t — but this was clearly a pick and I thought the Tigers got screwed on this play.

I’m not focused so much on whether or not he gets his right toe in. When I originally saw the play, I thought he clearly had possession of the ball and had his left foot in.

The first shot is from behind and establishes his position relative to the sideline. The ball is in his hands and his left foot is down.

The second shot is from the side. The ball is under his control and his left foot is down.

The third shot is from the front. At this point, Peterson has already caught the ball and is turning it to tuck it. His left foot is clearly down and his right one may be as well.

Alabama fans can rationalize it if they want — by point out earlier calls that went LSU’s way or by saying that officiating is never 100% correct. But the bottom line is that in this crucial point in the game, LSU should have been awarded the ball.

It’s one thing for a linesman to blow this call in live action, but there’s no excuse for the call to stand after the replay. What’s worse, the lead official didn’t even explain why the ruling on the field was confirmed, he just said that it was and went on about his day. Did he think that Peterson didn’t have possession? Or did he think that Peterson didn’t get his foot down?


Thanks to Vcize over on YouTube. I pulled these screenshots from his video of the play.

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