Troy Aikman pimps Chunky Soup

Chunky Soup has always been hearty, but it hasn’t always been the healthiest in the soup aisle. But over the past few years, Campbell’s has raised the line’s profile by enlisting NFL stars like Donovan McNabb (as well as McNabb’s mom). Now, with NFL Hall of Famer and current Fox broadcaster Troy Aikman as a spokesman for the brand, the soup has also made their soups healthier, with 23 of them having a full serving of vegetables and 100 percent lean meat. We had the chance to ask Aikman some questions about his affiliation with Chunky, what it all means to him, and about life in and after playing in the NFL. Check out the video here, and Troy definitely wins the award for Showing You Mean Business By Stirring the Crap Out of Soup. But hey, the stuff really tastes good. Here is our assessment of the samples they sent…

Sirloin Burger with Country Vegetables—This soup had big chunks of vegetables and a nice, beefy flavor. But the best part was the little burger patties. In this soup’s former life, the burgers were fatty and tasted like it. These patties are lean and meaty, and this soup tastes way better than before.

Beef and Dumplings with Hearty Vegetables—This one is similar to the Sirloin Burger variety, but with lean chunks of steak instead of burger patties. The meat was lean and tasted good, and the dumplings were worth the price of admission. They weren’t those fake ones like in the regular Campbell’s Chicken & Dumplings soup, but like the ones your grandma made…seriously.

Healthy Request Classic Chicken Noodle—The best part about this soup is that it has real chicken flavor and a nice, clean broth with big chunks of chicken and vegetables and hearty noodles. However, some of the chicken chunks had a weird texture and at 40% lower sodium, you’ll be reaching for the saltshaker to add flavor.

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