Pierre Thomas is still limping. Grab Mike Bell.


It’s all right there in the title. If you’re a Pierre Thomas owner, or even if you’re not, you should head to your league’s waiver wire and pick up Mike Bell.

When it was revealed on Aug. 24 that Thomas had a sprained MCL, it wasn’t considered to be a big deal. At that point, he had three weeks to recover, which is generally enough time for an injury like the one he suffered. But as Week 1 has grown closer, the news about Thomas hasn’t been good. (NOLA.com)

The bigger concern is still the right knee sprain Thomas suffered two weeks ago at Houston. Thomas’ knee was wrapped as he escaped the locker room and he appeared to still be limping. We’ll find out if he’s ready to go when the Saints hit the practice field Wednesday, but chances are looking slim at this point.

I’m not a doctor, but if Thomas is hoping to play on Sunday, the fact that he is limping on Monday is not a good sign. Knee injuries are fickle and they can take a while to fully heal. Moreover, Thomas declared himself “questionable” for Sunday’s game. (NOLA.com)

“It means a lot, and I really want to play in the opener — but I don’t want to cause any more damage,” Thomas said. “I don’t want to take a chance where I just play this game and don’t play out the season. I want to be smart about it.

“My main focus is trying to get back for the first game. But if it’s not ready, it’s not ready. I can’t push it.”

Thomas said he is not opposed to playing hurt, noting that he finished the game against the Lions in Week 16 last season after dislocating his left wrist. On Friday, he estimated his injured knee to be at “65 percent” full strength.

Players are usually optimistic about their chances of recovery, so to hear a player call himself questionable, it’s a good indicator that he’s not going to be able to play. Thomas could be out just the one week, or this injury could linger for a while. No one really knows.

And that’s why you need to grab Mike Bell — the same Mike Bell who gained 835 total yards (and scored 8 TD) for the Broncos in 2007. In the preseason, Bell rushed 15 times for 115 yards and a TD, and looked more than capable of carrying the load until Thomas gets back on the field. Remember, Reggie Bush has already proven that he’s not an every-down back, so Sean Payton will be more than happy to give Bell some work between the tackles and on the goal line. And with a tantalizing matchup against the Lions in Week 1, if Thomas is indeed out, Bell looks like a great RB2 or flex play as part of the Saints’ high powered offense.

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