Oregon’s LeGarrette Blount punches Boise State player

The 2009 college football season didn’t get off to a great start Thursday night for Chip Kelly and his Oregon Ducks.

After their thought-to-be high-powered offense racked up just 152 total yards in a 19-8 loss at Boise State, Kelly’s Heisman candidate running back LeGarrette Blount socked a Broncos player in the chin, then shoved one of his own teammates when they tried to intervene, then had to be restrained by team officials and cops from going into the stands and fighting fans on his way to the locker room.

Seriously…here’s the video:

That’s absolutely unbelievable. It appears that the Boise player said something first, but that’s still no reason to clock a guy as he’s turning away, nevertheless have to be dragged out of the stadium looking like a lunatic on national television.

Blount, who has been disciplined before by Oregon, will no doubt be suspended. For how many games is anyone’s guess, but Kelly (who is in his first year at Oregon) certainly has a mess on his hands both on and off the field. It’ll be interesting to see if Kelly kicks Blount off the team indefinitely. If so, the Ducks will lose their best offensive weapon.

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