Daily Six-Pack: Vikings sign Favre

It’s official: Brett Favre is now a Minnesota Viking after signing a two-year deal. Below are six quick-hit observations on the topic.

1. Nobody should be surprised by Brett’s decision.
When Favre told the Vikings in July that he would stay retired, you would have had to been naïve to believe him. Thus, nobody should be shocked by this news today. The key to this situation was that Brett didn’t want to go to training camp. He doesn’t like practicing and given his experience in the WCO, he didn’t need the extra camp reps. He must have known that Brad Childress was okay with him skipping camp and signing a deal once preseason started.

2. Childress should grow a pair.
If I were a Minnesota player, I’d be wondering how much sack my head coach has after this situation. Childress allowed Favre to dictate everything that went down, including when he would sign. Childress wanted Favre to sign so badly that he was willing to look past Brett skipping training camp while the rest of his teammates were putting in hours of hard work on the practice field. It’s a joke that Childress and the Vikings didn’t walk away from this situation when Favre said he was going to remain retired (even if they knew he would eventually change his mind). And even if Brett gets the Vikings to a Super Bowl, they’ll still be the team that put a single player above an entire organization.

3. The Vikings wronged Rosenfels.
I don’t care that Rosenfels is a career backup quarterback or that Favre is a legend – the way the Vikings handled this situation was a slap in the face of Rosenfels. Minnesota acquired Rosenfels from Houston earlier this offseason so that he could compete with Jackson for the starting quarterback gig. Then the Vikings tossed Rosenfels and Jackson aside for months while flirting with Favre. Once Brett said he would stay retired, Rosenfels then went into camp and busted his ass believing that he had a legitimate shot at winning the starting job, only to be thrown to the backburner again with the signing of Favre. As far as anyone knows, Rosenfels was kept out of the loop when it came to the Vikings’ pursuit of Favre, which makes the situation even more ridiculous now that Rosenfels is once again delegated to backup duty. How ironic would it be if Favre goes down with an injury and Minnesota’s playoff hopes rest on Rosenfels’ shoulders?

4. Putting aside everything else, Favre still makes the Vikings better.
Even though Favre is going to receive most of the attention this year, keep in mind that it’s still the Adrian Peterson show in Minnesota. Peterson is the backbone of an offense that got to the playoffs last year despite having limitations at quarterback in Jackson and Gus Frerotte. The Vikings also have one of the better offensive lines in football and drafted a true playmaker in Percy Harvin. Favre doesn’t need to be the savior in Minnesota, he just needs to stay healthy and limit the mistakes. Granted, those two things could be hard for a 42-year-old, interception-prone quarterback who had surgery in the offseason, but again, he won’t be required to win games on his own so he this should mostly be a positive move for the Vikings football-wise.

5. Don’t forget how productive Favre was last year.
People are quick to note how the wheels fell off for Favre and the Jets last year, but don’t forget how good he was for the first 12 or so weeks of the season. After the Jets beat the then-undefeated Titans in Week 12, some even considered Favre a MVP candidate. His health is a huge concern, but he proved last year that he could still be effective. There’s a good chance that he’ll break down again throughout the course of the season, but it’s impossible to project whether or not a player can stay healthy and the Vikings can’t concern themselves with that either. The bottom line is (as I mentioned in No. 4) that when he’s healthy, he makes the Vikings better.

6. Fantasy spin.
Check out John Paulsen’s post about what kind of an affect Favre signing with the Vikings have in the fantasy world.

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