Veritix becomes exclusive retailer for The Q

the q

Beginning October 1st, all tickets purchased for sporting events or concerts at The Q must be made through Veritix on the primary market. Cavs owner Dan Gilbert is the majority owner of the company, who recently settled a lawsuit earlier this year with Ticketmaster.

The change means all tickets to events there can be purchased using Flash Seats, a Veritix technology that provides paperless entry to the arena and a Web site for reselling tickets.

A fee will be charged for reselling tickets, but the amount has not be determined, said Cavs spokesman Tad Carper. Previously, someone buying a Cavs ticket from a season ticket holder on Flash Seats paid a 20 percent fee.

Event-goers will still have the option of a paper ticket that can be presented at the gate, Carper said. Tickets sold by Ticketmaster to events held at The Q after Oct. 1 will still be honored and will not have to be exchanged.

Ticketmaster had claimed in court that the use of Flash Seats as on online venue for season ticket holders to unload seats violated the club’s contract with Ticketmaster. U.S. District Judge Kate O’Malley agreed, although she left pending a countersuit by Flash Seats and the Cavs that claimed Ticketmaster was violating antitrust law.

While it’s not clear how much the Veritix surcharges will be, I assume the fan will get a better deal than through Ticketmaster. This deal also shouldn’t affect resellers on the secondary market since it appears that they’ll be able to buy and sell tickets much in the same way they always had, except it will be through a different medium. For years, Ticketmaster has used its dominance to charge high and unexplainable fees to the common fan.

Right now, the company is in the midst of an anti-trust case after they tried to merge with Live Nation. I think it’s great that owners can control their tickets as long as they distribute and price them fairly to all.

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