Former MLB bust Bush is a bit of a crier

Remember when the Padres selected Mission Bay High School shortstop Matt Bush with the first overall pick in the 2004 MLB Draft? Then he was suspended before he ever took the field because he got into a fight outside an Arizona nightclub? Then San Diego had to move him to pitcher because they realized he hit like Rey Ordonez? Then he tore a ligament in his pitching elbow? Then he got caught for allegedly being involved in a drunken assault on his high school campus? Then he was traded to the Blue Jays, who then released him two months later for violating their zero tolerance behavioral policy?

Yeah, that guy.

Well, apparently he cries like a bitch when he gets arrested (in the middle of the day mind you) and charged with drunk driving, resisting arrest and two counts of vandalism:

This is the same idiot who allegedly threw a baseball at a young woman’s head and banged on her car window because he thought she might have drawn on his face while he was passed out. He’s a real classy kid that Matt Bush.

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