U.S.A. Soccer nears World Cup qualification


How many of you know that the World Cup qualifiers are in full swing? I admit some kind of hazy knowledge of their existence, but it seems taken for granted that the U.S. team will make it into the Finals without any trouble. For those of you with at least a passing interest in next year’s World Cup in South Africa, I present a nice little article about our team written by Jonah Freedman over at Sports Illustrated:

Well, that was a relief. The U.S. national team emerged from its toughest week yet of 2010 World Cup qualifying, bruised but standing tall. After getting abused and flattened in Costa Rica 3-1 last Wednesday, the Americans responded by rallying on Honduras 2-1 Saturday at Soldier Field, its first comeback win in World Cup qualifying in 24 years. The end result is that the U.S. stands in second place in the Hexagonal final round of CONCACAF qualifying with a 3-1-1 record and 10 points.

OK, if you’re still with me let’s remember that the Major League Soccer season has started, so if you get tired of baseball after hockey and basketball finish up, find your local team and take a gander.

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