Strasburg throws 17-strikeout no-hitter in final home start

San Diego State junior and future Washington National Stephen Strasburg threw a 17-strikeout no-hitter against Air Force in his final home start over the weekend.

The 20-year-old is now 11-0 for the Aztecs, with an obscene 164 Ks in 87.1 innings. He leads all amateur pitchers in hype, earning potential, and 103 mph fastballs. Strasburg has a 23-strikeout game to his credit, too.

Washington Nationals’ acting general manager Mike Rizzo was reportedly in attendance at the no-no, scouting Strasburg in advance of the 2009 MLB First-Year Player Draft. The Nats have the top overall pick, and there’s just no way they’ll pass on Strasburg at any price. If former Washington GM Jim Bowden can be believed, the decision was made long ago.

Somewhere, agent/advisor Scott Boras is grinning one of these smug little grins.

Bowden has said of Strasburg, “This is the best amateur pitcher since I was born.” (That would be May 18, 1961). He’s also said that the right-hander will be pitching in the big leagues in September. Position yourself for the waiver claim now, dynasty owners.

If this kid winds up pitching for the Nationals in September, that would be freaking unbelievable. Hopefully Washington doesn’t rush him, because major league hitters have a tendency to humble hot young prospects. Still, what an amazing college career – he has a bright future ahead of him.

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