Blogging the Bloggers: The (almost) all NBA edition

– After Game 2, Ron Artest mentioned how one of his friends killed at a basketball game when someone on the opposing team broke off a chair leg and stabbed him in the heart due to a dispute over the score. MOUTHPIECE SPORTS did a little digging and it turns out Artest wasn’t exaggerating.

NESW SPORTS has video of LeBron James’ 40-foot step-back jumper to close out the second quarter.

DEADSPIN has funny video of Norm MacDonald telling a story about Bob Uecker on Letterman.

SPORTSbyBROOKS tells us that Hawks’ big man Zaza Pachulia recently inherited about $100 million worth of real estate from a rich uncle, but there’s a catch. He has to get married and stay married for five years.

MIDWEST SPORTS FANS has a few spoofs of those NBA “Where Amazing Happens” videos. Here’s one featuring Jeff Foster to get you started. (I almost started crying I was laughing so hard.)

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