Michael Vick the reality TV star?

Michael Vick is shopping a reality TV series to prospective producers.

Michael VickPerhaps Michael Vick was inspired by T.I.’s “Road to Redemption” series: the incarcerated football star is now shopping around his own reality show in which cameras would follow him around after he gets out of prison for dogfighting charges.

Hollywood Reporter “said eager producers even visited the suspended Atlanta Falcons quarterback in prison in the hope of signing him. As a result, there’s a few different parties claiming to have his rights, which is confusing the industry playing field.”

Vick could use the money. He owes millions to creditors.

So Vick kills a bunch of dogs and then gets to reap the rewards by selling his “story” to reality television producers? Yeah, that sounds about right.

I’d rather watch a Rams-Lions Week 17 regular season game from start to finish than just 10 minutes of Michael Vick picking his nose and trying to act remorseful on some reality TV show.

What a schmuck.

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