Browns shopping Braylon Edwards?

According to Rich Cimini of the New York Daily News, the Browns are reportedly shopping wide receiver Braylon Edwards.

This rumor has been circulating for over a month, but so far nothing concrete has developed. Cimini doesn’t even go into much detail about the subject, in fact all he writes is that he got a “hot tip” that Cleveland is shopping Edwards and asks readers whether or not the Jets should be interested.

One small rumor that developed late last week had the Browns shipping Edwards to the Giants for Mathias Kiwanuka, which on the surface makes sense. Cleveland is dying for a pass rusher and Kiwanuka, who has experience at both defensive end and linebacker, certainly fits the bill. New York is in obvious need of a wideout with the uncertainty of Plaxico Burress’s situation hanging over their heads, and is stacked with defensive linemen and linebackers after signing Chris Canty, Michael Boley and Rocky Bernard last week.

But even with the depth they have at defensive end and linebacker, why would the Giants target Edwards? At 26 he’s still young, but he has yet to post more than one 1,000-yard and one 10-touchdown season in his four-year career. Take away his breakout 2007 season (which at this point was an obvious fluke) and he has very pedestrian numbers – not too mention he also came down with a major case of the drops last season. So again, why would the Giants give up a coveted pass-rusher in Kiwanuka (who don’t forget was a late first round pick) for a warm body in Edwards?

If the Browns do wind up trading Edwards, it probably won’t be until draft day when they could possibly package him with picks and hope for decent compensation. Until then, speculation will run rampant but little action is sure to follow.

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