Blogging the Bloggers: Why DC Comics suck, Digger’s dancing, and more

SPORTSBYBROOKS explains how DC Comics’ legal team spoiled all the post-dunk contest fun. Way to go, lawyers!

THE LOVE OF SPORTS dishes out some tough love to Carlos Boozer.

AWFUL ANNOUNCING has video of Digger Phelps doing some awful dancing before the UCLA/Cal game.

DEADSPIN has the story of a 36-year-old Pennsylvania man (with a 17-year-old son) who hosted a high school party complete with cheerleaders, booze and a stripper poll. This is what happens when you knock someone up at the age of 19.

BACK PORCH (FANHOUSE) has video of Va. Tech Hokie fans chanting TEA-BAG-PAUL-US while Duke guard Greg Paulus was at the free throw line. I watched the game and thought they were chanting BEAT-GREG-PAUL-US, but what they come up with was a lot better.

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