Blogging the Bloggers: USC Song Girls do reality TV, Danica’s tattoo mystery solved and more

AWFUL ANNOUNCING has the story of three brave USC “Song Girls” who will be spending a night in a “haunted” hospital as part of a reality show.

– While I agree that Duke is unlikely to make the Final Four this year, IN GAME NOW takes things a step further and makes the claim that the Blue Devils won’t make it that far in the next FIVE years. Why? Well, because they’re “not athletic enough” (i.e. too white).

– One of my favorite news sources, THE ONION, reveals that Nate Robinson is now jumping over Dwight Howard in his everyday life.

SPORTSBYBROOKS has the story of a fugly 39 year-old women who got 14 months for having sex with three members of a local high school football team. This breaks a string of about 10 straight fairly hot female-teacher-sleeps-with-student stories. Though technically, this one’s not a teacher.

– SI finally fessed up about why they airbrushed away Danica Patrick’s tattoo and DEADSPIN has the quote. Fascinating stuff.

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