Pudge Rodriguez’s interesting response to steroids

Here’s what free agent catcher Pudge Rodriguez said when questioned if his name is part of the 104 players that tested positive for taking steroids in 2003.

“Only God knows,” Rodriguez said softly.

Canseco, a former teammate in Texas, has alleged he injected the steroids into Rodriguez.
Another former teammate, Alex Rodriguez, recently said he used performance-enhancing drugs while with the Rangers.

If I knew there was no way that I could have tested positive for steroids in 2003, I would have responded to that question as, “Hell no.” But Pudge decided to go with, “Only God knows.” Hmm…

Hey, at least he didn’t deny it. He just kind of sidestepped the question so that when he’s outed later, he can say, “I didn’t say my name wouldn’t be on that list. I just said God knew.”

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