Jets: Beat it Brett

According to the Star-Ledger, most people in the Jets organization wouldn’t mind if quarterback Brett Favre retired.

Brett Favre“If Favre says he’s not coming back, I don’t know if that would be a great disappointment. … I think Woody and Mike are upset (with Favre’s late-season play) to a point, especially Woody. But I think they have to handle the situation with care. They’re not going to say publicly they don’t want Favre back, but privately I’m not so sure.”

The Jets expect a decision from Favre “sooner rather than later,” said the person, although the team hasn’t given Favre a timetable. The Jets are hoping to have a decision from Favre before a new coach is in place, which will likely take several weeks.

Some in the organization feel Favre’s torn right biceps injury is old and was simply aggravated this season. Mystery has surrounded the injury and the MRI of Favre’s shoulder ever since he complained of pain during the final week of the season.

“The Jets don’t feel it’s something that he did this year,” said the person. “It’s not a new injury.”
Another player, who requested anonymity, also had some harsh words on Favre.

“It’s the quarterback throwing the ball all over the place,” the player said when asked about the struggles of the offense down the stretch. “And he didn’t suffer any repercussions. He kept doing it. People said (coach) Eric (Mangini) called him out in meetings. I didn’t see it. Eric treated him like he was Brett Favre. A lot of guys didn’t like it.”

Wow, I haven’t seen a beating like this since Mike Tyson-Peter McNeeley. After hearing the comments being made by the Jets players this week, there’s really no reason the team should hang onto Brett for next season. A new head coach shouldn’t have to do this kind of damage control right off the bat so if Favre doesn’t retire, it might be wise for the Jets to eat the money and move on.

It’s amazing how just over a month ago, some were talking about Brett taking the Jets to the Super Bowl and now he’s being lambasted by teammates and unnamed media sources. Even though most of the Packer fan base wanted the team to take Favre back last year, I don’t know how they’re not glad they don’t have to put up with his retirement dance this offseason.

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