Can Tim Tebow be an NFL quarterback? Vol. II

I wrote in early October how Gregg Doyel of CBS Sports didn’t think Tim Tebow could be an NFL quarterback.

Matt Hinton of YAHOO! Sports disagrees:

Tim TebowForget about yards, touchdowns, pointless awards, running up the score and the myth that Tebow is just a running quarterback in a college offense: Tebow has NFL size and a first-rate temperament; is extremely mobile (duh); has completed two-thirds of his passes, finished in the top three nationally in touchdown percentage and yards per attempt and put up historically high pass efficiency ratings two years in a row; had the second-lowest interception rate and best TD:INT ratio in the nation this year; and has been consistently deadly on deep throws (as if they still threw deep in the NFL) — in two years, Florida has completed 65 passes of at least 25 yards, or 2.5 per game. He’s led the highest-scoring offense in the SEC two years in a row and is on the verge of winning a second mythical championship in three years. Obviously, his career aspiration is Frank Wycheck.

Again, I completely believe the gurus when they say Tebow won’t be a first-round pick. This is their job. It is the most counterintuitive job anywhere. My problem is this: The questions that surround Tebow re: his ability to read defenses and adjust to the pro game apply to every college quarterback making the transition. If Tebow hasn’t answered them enough to even project as a quarterback at the next level, then my god, who has?

Tebow is such a great athlete that I wouldn’t put it past him to make the jump as an NFL quarterback, but there seem to be some question marks about his release and like the article points out, whether or not he can read a pro defense. (But that’s every young quarterback.)

You can’t blame teams for being ultra-conservative and picky when it comes to drafting quarterbacks. There have been so many cases of failure that no team wants to be the one that wastes a pick a player when the warning signs were there from the start. But again, Tebow is such a good athlete that he might be worth the risk.

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