Blogging Bloggers: Thursday 12/18

Mike Tyson– You’ll never believe what former heavyweight boxing is just, well, just plain heavy. Mike Tyson is looking more like “King Hippo” these days than king of the ring. (

– The Love of Sports comprised its “All NFL Surprise Team” with a few surprises…ha! Get it? Surprises? Yeah, yeah you get it. (The Love of Sports)

– Poor Braylon Edwards – he’s not feeling any love from the Cleveland Browns or their fans. Who knew the Browns’ fan base didn’t appreciate receivers who can’t hang onto the football? (

– Here’s a look at the most important players this college football bowl season. (AOL Sports)

– Apparently Mark Teixeira is holding up the free agency party. (The Bleacher Report)

– Who has been the Carolina Panthers’ MVP this season? DeAngelo Williams? Steve Smith? Julius Peppers? All fine choices, but they pale in comparison to the one, the only Vinny Testaverde. (Shutdown Corner)

– Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ defensive lineman Greg White is just the latest athlete to change his name. And what name will he be signing checks with? Well none other than Stylez G. White, of course, after Michael J. Fox’s best friend in the movie Teen Wolf. Hey, I like it better than Ocho Cinco Johnson…I think. (Smarter Sports Blog)

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