Top 10 Cheerleading Scandals

In honor of the New England Patriots’ cheerleader that was recently fired because she drew pictures of dongs and swastikas on her drunk, passed out friend’s face, ranks the top 10 cheerleading scandals of all time.

#2: Carolina Panthers, Bathroom Sexscapades
This was the biggest NFL cheerleader scandal yet. Panthers cheerleaders Angela Ellen Keathley and Renee Thomas were in a bathroom stall together at a nightclub in Florida, when other patrons started getting rowdy because the girls had been in there entirely too long. Before long, a fight broke out. What might two young ladies be doing for so long in a bathroom stall together? According to witnesses, they were having sex. The ladies were subsequently dropped from the team. The ladies’ mug shots, and then pics of better days, when they were still cheerleaders:


#1 Courtney Simpson, Arizona State
This cheerleading scandal puts all the other ones to shame. Courtney Simpson, who grew up in a devout Mormon family, arrived at ASU in 2004 on a full academic scholarship and joined the cheerleading squad. However, by January, she wound up in the pornography industry – all while still at ASU. After her freshman year, she dropped out of ASU and moved to California but still wound up causing a huge controversy that involved ASU. That’s because she appeared in a porno wearing her ASU cheerleader uniform, and she was featured on the video’s box cover in the uniform as well. ASU looked into suing over the box cover, but her uniform was ultimately changed on the cover from ASU to USA. However, she does wear the ASU uniform in the actual movie. Simpson went on to appear in 250 pornos in under 2 years, so it’s easy to understand why ASU didn’t exactly want their name associated with her. Simpson is also unquestionably why the school came down so hard on the more recent ASU cheerleading scandal.

You know, you send you’re little girl off to college and you’re hoping she’s going to make dad proud being a star cheerleader and a solid student. Next thing you know she’s starring in 250 porno videos and dating some guy name Blade.

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