Report: Vikings DT’s Pat Williams and Kevin Williams face suspension

Earlier this week, reports surfaced that Saints’ players Deuce McAllister, Charles Grant tested positive for league-banned substances and could face suspensions. Now apparently Pat Williams and Kevin Williams of the Vikings also face suspensions according to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports.

FOX Sports has learned that both of the Minnesota Vikings’ Pro Bowl defensive tackles, Kevin Williams and Pat Williams, are also facing suspensions for testing positive for the same product. Losing one of the Williams would be a major blow to the Vikings but to possibly lose both would serve as a major blow to the NFC North contenders.

The Williams aren’t the only defensive tackles facing the penalty as well. FOX Sports has also learned that the Falcons’ Grady Jackson tested positive for the water pill and is facing a four-game ban just like the other players who are currently fighting the suspension.

Water pills are deemed illegal in the NFL because they can be used to mask positive steroid tests. However, considering the players who have tested positive, the intent appears to be to cut weight, and not for a masking agent.

Many of the players who have taken the product have long used water pills in order to make weight as the show up to camp or in order to make certain weight on a weekly basis. Guys like the Williams duo, Grady Jackson, Charles Grant appear on the surface to clearly fall under this reasoning.

It’s a shame that players who use such pills, which are readily available at drug stores and health food stores, are swept in the same category as those who try test positive for juicing.

Some reports have incorrectly stated that these players have test positive for steroids, but water diuretics aren’t in the same class and certainly don’t have the same affects. But the problem is that they can be used to mask other performance-enhancing drugs (including steroids) and the league can’t decipher which players are using the diuretics to cut weight, and which ones are using them to hide the use of other drugs. Unfortunately there might not be an easy answer to resolve the problem, either.

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