Cavs owner Dan Gilbert takes the underrated “head in the sand” approach

Dan Gilbert doesn’t like the speculation that LeBron James is going to leave Cleveland when his contract is up in two years.

Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert says the speculation that LeBron James will leave Cleveland in two years is out of line and “an insult to the city.”

Gilbert says it’s nothing more than conjecture from bored sports reporters.

He says James has given no indication that he plans to leave for New York after his contract expires in 2010.

Okay, Mr. Gilbert, we “bored sports reporters” will just sit here and pretend that there isn’t a giant ticking clock on LeBron’s stay in Cleveland. I’m sure he’ll re-sign if, in two years, the Cavs are still a middle-of-the-road playoff team in the East, and there’s every indication that they will be.

Which is a bigger insult to Cleveland – speculating about a possible LeBron departure or pretending that it won’t happen?

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