All-Time Top 15 Team Turnarounds

Marshall FaulkTHE LOVE OF SPORTS has compiled a list of the all-time top 15 team turnarounds.

14. Atlanta Falcons (1998)
This team went from 7-9 and out of the playoffs in 1997 to 14-2 in 1998, winning the NFC West and putting together a magical Super Bowl run before losing to Denver and John Elway…

9. New England Patriots (2001)
This was the year that launched the Patriots’ dynasty, with their first of three Super Bowls coming in the 2001 season…

6. New Orleans Saints (2006)
This was, and quite possibly still remains, the best story in football in recent memory. It wasn’t only the Saints’ incredible turnaround on the field, but also how their play raised everyone’s spirits off the field…

2. St. Louis Rams (1999)
For decades, the Rams had always been a franchise that just couldn’t get it right, drafting poorly and lacking the necessary talent to compete in the NFL. The year before its miraculous turnaround, St. Louis had traded for dynamic running back Marshall Faulk, but it didn’t turn into immediate success, as the team finished 4-12…

The teams listed above are prime examples of why the NFL needs parity. Every year a team comes out of nowhere, makes a run and people enjoy jumping on the bandwagon. Remember how good the Rams were in 1999? They torched everybody that year and were fun to watch. And who didn’t get into the Saints’ 2006 season after Hurricane Katrina ruined their 2005 season? Can’t wait to see what team comes out of nowhere and emerges in 2008.

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