Bengals shopping Rudi Johnson, Chad Johnson to play with torn labrum

With the emergence of Chris Perry and Kenny Watson, the Cincinnati Bengals are reportedly shopping running back Rudi Johnson.

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reports that the Bengals are shopping Rudi Johnson in trade talks.
Mort says they’re asking for a “real receiver,” or someone who could help if Chad Johnson (partially torn labrum) has a setback. We doubt Cincy could get anything for Rudi, but this may be a sign the team is ready to move on with Chris Perry and Kenny Watson. Johnson’s roster spot could be in doubt.

Johnson is only 28, but he got a ton of carries from 2004 through 2006 and he looked worn down last year. It just goes to show you how much of a pounding this running backs take. It’s no wonder more teams have moved on to a running back-by-committee approach in efforts to keep their players healthy and fresh all season.

On a related note, Bengals’ wide receiver Chad Johnson apparently will play with a torn labrum this season according to the team’s website.

Chad Johnson jammed his feet into his locker and angled his arms down on his stool and executed the pushups on what is reporting as a torn left labrum.

But nothing has changed. While he said he would need surgery if the shoulder pops out again (and that is presumed to be a season-ending procedure), he said “it’s unlikely.”

But, it’s the kind of injury where people have had it pop out in their sleep. So he is literally snap-to-snap, and he says he won’t need the surgery, “If I make it through.”

Wearing a harness on his shoulder and his ankles taped as if he was going to go through a full practice, Johnson said he’s talked to 10 players who have played seasons with the injury. Among them are Kellen Winslow, Donte Stallworth and Brian Westbrook.

Well if the man is doing pushups, obviously the injury isn’t too serious. But still, it can’t be good that he could miss the season if it pops out again (something that could happen even if he slept on it wrong).

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