Best and worst college football coaches for the buck put together a collection of the best and worst college football coaches for the money.

Jim Tressel
No. 1 Most Underpaid
Ohio State University, Buckeyes
Conference: Big Ten
Score: 122
Record since 2005: 33-5 (1-2 in BCS bowl games)
His teams have finished ranked in the top five in five of the past six years, while his $2.6 million salary was lower than eight of his peers last season.

Pete Carroll
No. 4 Most Underpaid
University of Southern California, Trojans
Conference: Pac-10
Score: 114
Record since 2005: 34-5 (2-1 in BCS bowl games)
Carroll has led the Trojans to unmatched success this decade, including two national championships, yet he is 14% underpaid despite being college football’s highest earning coach at $4.4 million.

Kirk Ferentz
No. 1 Most Overpaid
University of Iowa, Hawkeyes
Conference: Big Ten
Score: 71
Record since 2005: 19-18 (1-2 in bowl games)
Ferentz has posted a mediocre record over the last three seasons but still pocketed $3.4 million last year.

Charlie Weis
No. 3 Most Overpaid
University of Notre Dame, Fighting Irish
Conference: none
Score: 84
Record since 2005: 22-15 (0-2 in BCS bowl games)
Last year’s three-win season–the worst for the Fighting Irish in 44 years–was the second in a 10-year contract extension for Weis, reportedly worth between $30 and $40 million over the length of the deal.

Interesting figures. It’s hard to blame a university like Notre Dame for doling out big bucks to try and turn around the football program. At the same time, ND’s season last year was a joke and Weis had more than a few boneheaded calls.

One thing Forbes forgot to mention about Tressel is that he’s absolutely owned Michigan during his tenure – something that means even more to Buckeye fans than finishing in the top 5 every year.

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