The Packers should bring back Brett Favre

I know Brett Favre’s “will he or won’t he” act is getting tiresome.

I know it’s not fair to Aaron Rodgers.

I know this might make the Packers worse off in two or three years.

But if Brett Favre really wants to return to football, the Packers should take him back. There’s no other reasonable choice. Favre holds the keys. He can un-retire whenever he wants to. If/when he does, then the Packers either have to play him, trade him or release him, and those last two options aren’t really options.

This is a guy who threw for 4155 yards and 28 touchdowns, and had a quarterback rating of 95.7, which was the sixth best in the league last season. If not for Tom Brady’s insane year, Favre probably would have been the front runner to win the MVP award, which would have been the fourth of his career. Despite the fact that his interception in overtime against the Giants ended the Packers season, Favre had the highest QB rating of any signal caller in the playoffs (99.0).

Clearly, the guy can still play. I was absolutely stunned when he decided to hang ’em up with the Packers this close to the Super Bowl.

He gives the Packers the best chance to win now. Rodgers may or may not be a good quarterback. Favre proved in 2007 that he’s still a great one. Life isn’t fair, and Rodgers hasn’t been dealt the best hand. If I’m Mike McCarthy, I just shrug my shoulders and say, “Them’s the breaks, kid. Keep your dobber up.”

I don’t buy the secondhand reports that Green Bay GM Ted Thompson forced Favre out. Everything he said after the season implied that it was Favre’s decision, and with the way he played all year, there was no reason for Thompson to force him out. And there was no reason for Favre to allow himself to be forced out. The entire Packer Nation wanted him to return for another season and I’d bet that a majority would love to see #4 under center come September.

But only if he’s wearing the green and gold.

And, assuming he actually wants to play, that’s why the Packers have to take him back.

Update: I changed my mind later that season when I found out that Favre actually unretired twice in the spring/summer of 2008.

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