Convicted steroids dealer David Jacobs found dead

David Jacobs, a convicted steroids dealer who just agreed to share information with the NFL about which players received banned substances, was found dead in his Plano, Texas home Thursday morning. A woman named Amanda Jo Earhart-Savell was also found dead; police are not saying whether the deaths were a murder-suicide.

On May 21, Mr. Jacobs met with NFL security officials to share information about steroids use and their football players.

Mr. Jacobs has publicly accused ex-Dallas Cowboys lineman Matt Lehr of buying large quantities of banned substances, but has never for the record named other football players who received the steroids he manufactured.

Mr. Hockeimer said this of the meeting at the time:

“The general topic was his knowledge of steroid and human growth hormone use by current and former players. They were thorough in their questioning. David provided them with documents corroborating what he was telling them.”

Mr. Hockeimer would not say which players were discussed. But he said Mr. Jacobs provided documentary evidence of claims he was making.

Let’s hope the media doesn’t immediately draw comparisons with the Chris Benoit double murder-suicide and start assuming things before facts are released. The whole steroids issue is an incredibly touchy subject in America and the media has way of immediately linking the drug to why people act in violent ways. As soon as the Benoit story broke, the media assumed he murdered his wife and young child because he was on steroids. Everyone should let the facts come out before drawing any conclusions.

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