When horse trainers talk smack

Trainer Rick Dutrow Jr. thinks it’s already a “foregone conclusion” that his horse, Big Brown, will win horse racing’s Triple Crown this year. Big Brown has to win at the Belmont Stakes on June 7 to capture horseracing’s most prestigious honor.

“I feel that he will do it,” he said Thursday during the National Thoroughbred Racing Association’s pre-Belmont conference call. “I feel like it’s actually a foregone conclusion. To me, I just see the horses he’s in with and I see our horse so I expect him to win this race.

“I know that when that day actually does come, and if our horse is in good shape, it will be the most exciting, thrilling moment of my life. So I just … I know that that’s coming, but right now I’m just staying involved with our horse and what we think is best to get him there the right way and it keeps us plenty busy.”

Couple things, Rick:

1. Your horse has a freaking crack in one of his hooves.
2. The last time a horse won the Triple Crown was 1978.
3. Maybe you’ve heard of this horse from China named Casino Drive that’s getting a little attention. Some think he’s smelling upset.

Finally and most importantly:
4. There’s no trash talking in horse racing. It’s just ridiculous.

So let’s just slow down on all the “foregone conclusion” talk shall we? Big Brown is a monster favorite and he should be with the way he absolutely dominated at the Preakness. But nothing is a guarantee.

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