BCS rejects 4-team playoff proposal

The geniuses at the BCS have officially rejected a proposal that would have eventually given college football (and its fans) a 4-team playoff format.

The conference commissioners who manage the Bowl Championship Series opted Wednesday to end their brief consideration of a new plus-one format, which would have built a four-team playoff into the current five-game structure. Their action — or lack of it — assures that the current system will remain in place through at least the 2013 season.

“The thing … that came through loud and clear is there’s satisfaction with where we are,” said Atlantic Coast Conference commissioner and BCS coordinator John Swofford.

Who’s satisfied? The people lining their pockets? Please. I think I speak for many college football fans when I say, “You unbelievable mother fuc…”

Thanks for all but guaranteeing another four years of thrilling “postseason” action.

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