Matt Ryan to Atlanta – some love it, some unimpressed

Unsurprisingly, Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe thinks the Atlanta Falcons – a franchise in dire need of a makeover – got it right with the third overall pick by selecting former Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan.

The kid gets it. You can be very sure he’s been paying attention to what’s been going on in Foxborough during his five years in Boston. He has had the perfect role model for a young quarterback, not just because of Tom Brady’s obvious talent, but because of Brady’s unerring instincts inside both the locker room and the huddle.

Atlanta had the most complex needs of any team in the draft. Matt Ryan may not have been the best player available. But he was surely the right pick.

Terrence Moore of the AJC doesn’t disagree with Bob Ryan, but he isn’t sold on Matt Ryan being the answer, either.

Second, if you go by logic when it comes to trying to change the momentum of a reeling franchise, the Falcons just blew it, especially with the extraordinary Glenn Dorsey sitting there on the draft board as the defensive tackle that they really need. That’s because they don’t have any defensive tackles worth mentioning. Not only that, franchises such as the Falcons with offensively and defensively impaired lines should start by building those lines.

With all of those picks for the Falcons (11 overall, including four among the top 48 to start the day), they could have selected Dorsey at No. 3 and taken a chance later in the draft on John David Booty, Chad Henne or Andre’ Woodson becoming their Tom Brady. After all, those quarterbacks aren’t that much more of an NFL gamble than the one they got.

Moore has a point that the Falcons should have taken Dorsey at No. 3, but he’s incredibly off about why. The Falcons didn’t need Dorsey because they don’t have any DT’s worth mentioning (they don’t have any QBs worth mentioning either, Terrence). They should have taken Dorsey because he was the best defender in the draft and they could have gotten a decent risk like Brian Brohm in the second, without giving up two second round picks to land him. (I’m flabbergasted Moore didn’t mention Brohm in his article, but he mentioned Henne and Woodson. Yikes.)

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