Darren McFadden? Typical Raiders

Tim Kawakami of the Mercury News.com thinks the Raiders’ fourth overall pick of Darren McFadden had Al Davis’s stank all over it.

It had to be McFadden on Saturday, damn all else. It had to be McFadden, even if that wasn’t the most logical path presented to the Raiders during the early parts of the NFL’s first round. Logic? Pfaw!

So what if, as Kiffin pointed out a few days ago, the Raiders already had a full set of tailbacks – they have paid Justin Fargas, kept Dominic Rhodes, suffered LaMont Jordan and cultivated Michael Bush?

So what if the Raiders have an enormous need for strength and girth to stop the run and Louisiana State’s Glenn Dorsey was sitting there, set to be an NFL strength-girth superstar?

None of that mattered. None of that entered Davis’ mind when McFadden was there. Kiffin conceded the Raiders were even thinking of trading up to guarantee getting McFadden!

At the news conference, Kiffin seemed relatively happy with this pick, mostly because of all the help McFadden could provide Russell eventually. Or else Kiffin just knows that he might as well spend his remaining Raiders days with a smile on his face.

Why bother? It’s perfect. It’s the Raiders. It’s the same famous thing, over and over into infinity.

Got to side with Kawakami here. McFadden might very well turn out to be a fantastic player (he was absolutely incredible in college, I don’t care what any scout says about his small legs) and when drafting in the top five, teams generally take the best player available and fill needs later. But Dorsey would have been a fantastic pick as well and would have filled a major need. Even with all the young talent, would anyone be surprised to see Oakland drafting in the top 10 again next year?

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