Top five yearly events in sports

I did a column for last year on the top five yearly events in sports and I thought it would be cool to re-visit it.

Opening Day ranks third for me behind the Super Bowl and the opening weekend in college football and the NFL.

3. Baseball’s Opening Day
As previously noted, Opening Day in baseball is great for so many reasons. Even though football has seemingly passed baseball as “America’s Game,” Opening Day still signifies so much. Spring, warm weather and the start of a long journey are all on display during Opening Day. For some reason, on Opening Day and Opening Day alone, it’s easy to forget that your favorite team finished fourth the previous year with only 76 wins. Once you see the ace of the rotation take the hill for the first time in a new season, you think to yourself, ‘Yeah, this is the year we put it all together.’ And when your team wins Opening Day, nothing can ruin it for you. Until they lose the second and third game to drop the opening series and you remember how daunting 162 games really is.

Merry Opening Day to everyone!

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