Hot button issues in the NFL

The NFL’s annual meetings kick off Monday and the general focus this year is integrity and establishing trust in the league – two things Bill Belichick needs to start focusing on moving forward.

Among some of the topics up for debate this year:

– The disharmony between the NFL owners and the NFLPA
– The length of player’s hair
– Sideline-to-helmet communication device
– Playoff re-seeding (i.e. giving Wild Card teams the chance to play home playoff games if they have a better record than division winners)

It’s going to be interesting to see what the NFL does about the length of player’s hair. Troy Polamalu doesn’t keep his hair that length as a fashion statement – it’s a tribute to his Samoan descent. Unless it’s a safety issue (which the league is sure to claim it is), than it’s kind of hard to tell Polamalu to tuck his hair into his helmet.

I love the idea of re-seeding the playoffs. If a Wild Card team had a better regular season record than a division winner, isn’t it fair to give them a home game? Why reward a team with a home game if they didn’t even have a better record than a Wild Card team?

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