Knight Signs on with ESPN

Coach Bob Knight, I mean reporter, Bob Knight. Bobby Knight or should I call him Bob Knight has just signed on with ESPN to do analysis of the upcoming NCAA tournament. While I believe his expertise will be fantastic and his charisma will shine through, I find it amazing that ESPN will eat this much crow to get him on board.

I hope they let him interview some of the coaches and that one coach gives him the same type of smart aleck answer he used to give. That could be very interesting television indeed.

Sticking with analysts, heard Jay Bilas going off on the flawed system the selection committee uses to select the teams for the tournament. While I agree with some of his comments, especially this over talk about “rpi “and last “ten games,” he needs to understand that the excitement of the tournament is generated by the underdogs who get a shot at the big boys on a neutral court. Contrary to what he believes, not everyone wants to see Duke in the Final Four eery year.

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