Adrian Peterson or Joe Thomas?

Using what has transpired over the first nine weeks of the NFL season, Todd McShay of took a stab at re-selecting the 2007 draft. The most notable change comes in the top five, where McShay says that if the Browns had the chance to re-draft, they would select Adrian Peterson with the third overall pick.

3. Cleveland Browns — Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma
Original pick: Joe Thomas, OT, Wisconsin
This is the toughest decision of any pick in this re-draft. Cleveland selected Thomas back in April and he has turned into one of the offensive leaders for the resurgent Browns. But I said it in April and what’s happened so far this season has only reinforced my feeling: The Browns should have taken Peterson at No. 3 overall. Yes, Thomas is a key player along the offensive front and will likely have a longer career than Peterson, but Peterson has simply been too special early this season not to make this choice. Any of the six teams that passed on him originally might take a mulligan to get him this time around, but the Browns look like the best fit right now as they could use a little more running to balance the seventh-best passing game (254.5 ypg) in the league.

As I noted in my latest column, I can’t fault Cleveland for taking Joe Thomas. As special as Peterson has been (and he’s been really, really special), cornerstone left tackles don’t fall out of trees. It’s no coincidence that the Browns have had a ton of success on offense this year with the way they’ve completely re-built their offensive line over the past two offseasons. They signed free agent Kevin Shaffer in 2006 – who was overrated as a left tackle but has been okay rotating with Ryan Tucker on the right side – as well as marquee guard Eric Steinbach in ‘07, and drafted Thomas in April. If LeCharles Bentley didn’t get hurt on the opening day of training camp last year, we might be talking about the Browns’ offensive line being the best in football. We fans hate it when our team takes an offensive lineman on the first day of the draft, but the bottom line is that it’s the foundation of a successful offense.

If given the chance, do you think Cleveland would select Peterson or stick with Thomas?

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