Stud to Dud: Vince Young

Over the last half of last season, Vince Young threw for 1437 yards, rushed for 415 yards, threw seven TD and ran for five more, making him one of the top fantasy QBs down the stretch. Expectations were high heading into this season, but Young’s ADP (7.04) indicated that some owners were worried about a sophomore slump.

Turns out, those owners were right on.

In six games, Young has thrown for just 745 yards and three scores. His rushing numbers – 140 yards and one TD – are also down. From a fantasy points per game standpoint, he went from averaging 19.6 over the last half of last season to just 10.3 this season. That’s almost a 50% drop.

This happens sometimes with young QBs that have early success in the NFL. Opposing teams have more film to study, which makes it easier to game plan against dynamic players like Young.

Interestingly, Young is running as much this season as he did over the last half of last season, but his yards per carry have dropped from 7.7 in 2006 to 3.6 this season. Are teams more worried about his legs than his arm? Or are this summer’s losses of Drew Bennett and Bobby Wade allowing defenses to play closer to the line of scrimmage?

Whatever is going on, Young’s stock is falling and I’m even starting to see his name on the waiver wire.

Stalter, can you chime in? What’s going on with this guy?

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