Fantasy Hoops Q&A: November

I don’t know if this is going to get as much action as our fantasy football Q&A, but I know there are a lot of guys out there who play fantasy hoops, so post your questions and I’ll answer them.

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Kitna wins for funniest Halloween costume

Detroit Lions quarterback Jon Kitna and his wife, Jennifer, get my vote for having the funniest Halloween costume this year. At a costume contest for charity, Kitna dressed as a naked man and Jennifer who dressed like the Wendy’s girl.

Now if that’s not funny, you probably don’t know the story behind it. Last year, Lions assistant coach Joe Cullen was involved in an incident where he had a little too much to drink and wound up at a fast food drive thru to order a snack. The only problem, besides the fact that he drove under the influence, was that Cullen was also stark naked.

“Joe didn’t have a problem with it, it doesn’t seem,” Kitna said. “The first question out of his mouth was, ‘Did you win?’ I don’t think it’s really an issue.”

What makes the situation even funnier is that Kitna is a devout, born-again Christian. You’d never think that a guy like him would go out of his way to kick a man when he’s down, but obviously it was intended to be good-natured and at least Cullen wasn’t offended.

Stud to Dud: Vince Young

Over the last half of last season, Vince Young threw for 1437 yards, rushed for 415 yards, threw seven TD and ran for five more, making him one of the top fantasy QBs down the stretch. Expectations were high heading into this season, but Young’s ADP (7.04) indicated that some owners were worried about a sophomore slump.

Turns out, those owners were right on.

In six games, Young has thrown for just 745 yards and three scores. His rushing numbers – 140 yards and one TD – are also down. From a fantasy points per game standpoint, he went from averaging 19.6 over the last half of last season to just 10.3 this season. That’s almost a 50% drop.

This happens sometimes with young QBs that have early success in the NFL. Opposing teams have more film to study, which makes it easier to game plan against dynamic players like Young.

Interestingly, Young is running as much this season as he did over the last half of last season, but his yards per carry have dropped from 7.7 in 2006 to 3.6 this season. Are teams more worried about his legs than his arm? Or are this summer’s losses of Drew Bennett and Bobby Wade allowing defenses to play closer to the line of scrimmage?

Whatever is going on, Young’s stock is falling and I’m even starting to see his name on the waiver wire.

Stalter, can you chime in? What’s going on with this guy? Hot Stove Preview

For those of us who aren’t Red Sox or Rockies fans, the hot stove season is about to kick off in Major League Baseball! I don’t know about any of you, but the offseasons in baseball and football have become an event unto their own.

With that said, released their AL Hot Stove Preview, complete with offseason breakdowns for every AL team. SI did a really nice job breaking down which players are free agents and what each team should, and will do this offseason.

Apparently their NL Hot Stove Preview will be out Thursday, so I’ll post that as well.

Hey Rookie!

Beat writer Pat Yasinskas reported an interesting incident between Carolina Panthers’ rookie receiver Dwayne Jarrett and veteran Steve Smith in today’s The Charlotte Observer. Jarrett was apparently talking to a set of reporters when Smith intervened with some choice words for the struggling rookie.

“Instead of talking to the media, why don’t you go watch some film?’’ Smith said.
Jarrett gave a slight smile and kept talking to the media.
Smith, followed up in a very strong tone.
“Seriously,’’ Smith said.

Now, Smith isn’t talking to the media, so maybe he just used this situation to take another shot at them. However, Jarrett has never appeared to be arrogant or cocky, so embarrassing him in front of the media probably wasn’t the best route taken by Smith, even if deep down he was just trying to help. Smith is a fantastic player, but like a lot of NFL receivers his maturity level is all over the board. It will be interesting to see what comes out of the altercation and if Jarrett either takes the shot personally, or works that much harder to try and appease the veteran.

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