Obsess much?

Sports Illustrated has an infatuation with the Carolina Panthers that rivals bodybuilders’ obsession with protein shakes.

In 2005, the mag picked the Panthers to beat the Colts 31-27 in the Super Bowl. A year later, SI again went with the Panthers, this time choosing them to beat the Dolphins in the Super Bowl.

And now in 2007, whom is SI picking to win the Super Bowl? Well, the Saints over the Chargers, but who do they have New Orleans beating in the Divisional Round of the playoffs? That’s right, the – in their estimation – 11-5 Carolina Panthers, of course.

Regardless of what you think about the Panthers – personally I think they’ll be lucky to win nine games this year – it’s flabbergasting that three years in a row SI has dropped to their knees in absolute worship of this team. The Panthers aren’t on the same level as the Patriots or Colts for SI to be predicting them year in and year out to make the playoffs. Seriously, two of the past three years they’ve picked the Panthers to win the Super Bowl and this year, which is probably the most flawed the Panthers have looked in years, they’re predicting them to go 11-5. Is Don Banks and knucklehead “Dr. Z” on Jerry Richardson’s payroll?

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